In this page, you’ll find tipsheets and presentations shared by GIJC23 speakers, as well as GIJN guides and resources according to the conference tracks.

SessionTrackGIJN ResourcesGIJN Tipsheets and StoriesSpeakers’ Presentations & TipsheetsSpeakers
Watchdog Journalism in the Age of Digital SubversionKeynote SpeechGlobal Hacking Crisis: How Investigative Journalists Can Fight BackPresentation by:
Ron Deibert
Ron Deibert
Best Practices in Teaching Data Journalism to Professionals and StudentsAcademicThe Challenges Facing Student Investigative JournalistsBrant Houston; Jennifer LaFleur; Pinar Dag
Research on Cross-Border Collaborations and Hybrid JournalismAcademicCross-Border CollaborationsIndonesia’s Tempo Leads Asia into Cross-Border Collaborations,
10 Lessons from Our Global Collaboration on Pangolin Trafficking
Presentations by:
Edoardo Anziano
Edoardo Anziano; Jairo Alfonso Lugo-Ocando
Academic Research on Investigative and Data JournalismAcademicAcademic Research & More8 Ways Journalists Can Access Academic Research for Free,
5 Tips for Using Academic Research in Investigative Journalism,
Tips on Digging into Scholarly Research Journals
Presentations by:
Alessio Cornia
Jason Martin
Gerry Lanosga; Jason Martin; Alessio Cornia; Dimitri Bettoni
Research on Challenges to Women in Investigative JournalismAcademicGuide: Resources for Women-Identifying Journalists,
A New Resource for Women Journalists,
Spotlight on Women in Investigative Journalism,
Women Investigative Journalists on Work and Life
“Unforgotten”: Student Journalists Capture the Stories of 51 Women Slain in Chicago
From #MeToo to Going Undercover: Tips from Women Investigators
Editor’s Pick: Best Stories from GIJN Women
9 Leadership Tips for Women in Investigative Journalism
Presentations by:
Maria Konow Lund
Jay Black; Maria Konow Lund
Research on Threats to Investigative Journalists in Africa and GloballyAcademicGuide to Investigating Organized Crime in AfricaOvercoming the Challenges to Investigative Journalism in Southern AfricaPresentations by:
Gerry Lanosga
Gerry Lanosga; Ermias Mulugeta
Best Practices in Teaching and Training of Investigative Reporting AcademicData Journalism Training CoursesThoughts from a Journalism Trainer
This Investigative Journalism Class Launches Careers and Creates Change
Four Essential Areas for Journalism Students & Educators
Presentations by:
Myungju Lee
Brant Houston; Anuška Delić; Myungju Lee; Mark Lee Hunter; Mark Horvit
Research on the Challenges for Investigative Reporting in AfricaAcademicGuide to Investigating Organized Crime in AfricaOvercoming the Challenges to Investigative Journalism in Southern Africa
How African Independent Media Are Overcoming Growth Challenges
Sandra Pitcher; Olunifesi Suraj; Francis Nyonzo; Komi Aziadouvo; Nicola Jones
Research on Investigative Journalism Adapting to New TechnologiesAcademic– AI Journalism Lessons from a 150-Year-Old Argentinian NewspaperNew Sources Emerge for Tracking Methane Emissions by SatellitesNew Tools to Organize Your Workspace and Enhance Digital ReportingPresentations by:
Richard Mensah Adonu & Nausheen Husain
Nausheen Husain; Richard Mensah Adonu; Redeemer Buatsi
Research on Challenges for Investigative Reporting in the Arab WorldAcademic11 Tips for Investigative Reporters From a Pioneer in the Arab World
Tips for Working in Saudi Arabia
A Marketing Strategy for Arabic Investigative Stories
Global Lessons from Exposing War Abuses in Yemen
Tips for Working in Qatar
Manasar Alharethi; Ahmed Makharesh
Research on Challenges for Investigative Journalism in AsiaAcademicWhat I’ve Learned: Tips from a Pioneer of Collaborative Investigative Journalism in IndonesiaAnton Harber; M. C. Rasmin
Tracking Assets Around the WorldBusiness & FinanceGIJN’s Updated Guide to Planespotting and Flight Tracking Asset Disclosure10 Tips for Tracking Russian-Owned AssetsPresentations by:
Ian Casewell
Lara Dihmis

Tipsheet by:
Lara Dihmis
Oleg Khomenok; Lara Dihmis; Ian Casewell
Following the Money, from Laundromats to Central BanksBusiness & FinanceGuide to Investigating Organized Crime in the Golden Triangle: Money Laundering
Money Laundering How to Investigate Money Laundering
Covering the Money behind the Millennium Development Goals
Paul Manafort’s Money Laundering
Follow the Money is a guide for cross-border investigations
Presentations by:
Paul Radu
Marty Steffens
Musikilu Mojeed
Alia Ibrahim

Tipsheet by:
Alia Ibrahim
Paul Radu; Marty Steffens; Musikilu Mojeed; Alia Ibrahim
Reading Company DocumentsBusiness & FinanceResearching Corporations and Their Owners, Covering the Extractive Industries, Land Ownership Records: So Useful, but Challenging to Find, Investigating Supply Chains, Finding Out Who Owns CorporationsOnline Methods to Investigate the Who, Where, and When of a PersonNick Mathiason; Lara Dihmis; Ted Jeory
Digging into Government Contracting: Finding Patterns, Tracking Corruption, Telling StoriesBusiness & FinanceLooking Into Government RecordsTips to Uncover the Spy Tech Your Government BuysPresentations by:
Adenike Aloba
Geog Neumann
Jamilya Maricheva
Tatiana Velásquez Archibold

Tipsheet: Georg Neumann
Georg Neumann; Adenike Aloba; Tatiana Velásquez Archibold; Jamilya Maricheva;
The New Organized CrimeCrime & CorruptionOrganized Crime
The New Organized Crime: How to Catch Up With CriminalsCecilia Anesi; Paul Radu; Giulio Rubino; Anabel Hernandez; Bertil Lintner
Investigating War CrimesCrime & CorruptionGIJN Reporter’s Guide to Investigating War CrimesGlobal Lessons from Exposing War Abuses in YemenPresentations by:
Denis Džidić
Nick Waters
Ron Haviv
Yanina Korniienko; Sophia Jones; Nick Waters; Sarah El Deeb; Denis Dzidic; Ron Haviv
Holding Algorithms Accountable Through CollaborationDataAlgorithms for JournalistsClimate Change: Holding Government and Industry AccountableTipsheet Boyoung LimBoyoung Lim; Gabriel Geiger; Lam Thuy Vo; Garance Burke
R and StatisticsDataStatistics and Studies: Where is the Data? – – Using R, Basic Data Journalism Tips for Editors?Robert Gebeloff; Jennifer LaFleur; Luuk Sengers
Using Free Google Data ToolsDataFree, Game-Changing Data Extraction Tools that Require No Coding Skills, Free Tools5 Online Search Tools to Make Journalists’ Lives EasierMarcus Lindemann
Using Social Network Analysis for InvestigationsDataSocial Search Techniques Using TikTok and Telegram, from Henk van Ess Social Search Techniques Using LinkedIn and FacebookBrant Houston
The Basics of PythonDataAnalyzing Data – Python Data Journalism: GIJN’s Global Guide to Resources, Visualization ToolsPamela Duncan; Anna Leach
Creating and Using Credible Surveys for InvestigationsDataMax Donheiser; Miriam Lenz
The Basics of Cleaning DataDataTools for Scraping, Cleaning, and Prepping DataPrepping Data – TipsNils Mulvad; Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
Environmental Investigations: Forensic Work with Geo DataDataPresentations by:
Fernanda Wenzel
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng; Jelter Meers; Gustavo Faleiros; Fernanda Wenzel
Doing Visualizations in RDataUsing R , Statistics and Studies: Where is the Data?Visualizing Data , Visualization ToolsRobert Gebeloff; Luuk Sengers
Finding Stories in Documents: Text Analysis for Investigative ReportingDataNew Document Tools to Unearth Redacted Text, Personal Information, and MoreFer Aguirre
Using QGIS for mappingDataMapping , Remote Sensing and Data Tools for Environmental InvestigationsVisualization ToolsKuek Ser Kuang Keng; Andrew Lehren
Moving Beyond Basic PythonDataAnalyzing data pythonVisualization ToolsPamela Duncan; Anna Leach
Summarizing Data in Google Sheets by Using Pivot TablesDataAnalyzing Data – SpreadsheetsTommy Kaas; Andrew Lehren; Mark Horvit
Using Pinpoint to Organize Unstructured DataDataPresentation

Reinaldo Chaves; Alice de Souza; Eduardo Goulart
CTRL+F on steroids — A Simple Intro to RegexDataSascha Granberg
Tips and Tricks on Navigating Cross-Border Corporate DataDataPresentations by:
Karrie Kehoe
Christopher Guess; Karrie Kehoe
Low-Code Tools for Data JournalismDataFree, Game-Changing Data Extraction Tools that Require No Coding SkillsPresentationJuan Pablo Marin Diaz; Marta Ley
Datadriven Stories 2.0 from Excel to AIDataRune Ytreberg; Liv-Jorunn Håker; Fabrizio Palumbo
The Basics of Using Google SheetsDataTommy Kaas; Andrew Lehren; Mark Horvit
How to Create and Use Web Archives for InvestigationsDataMax Harlow
The Future of Data Journalism: New Analytical Tools, Data Visualization, and AI DataGlobal Collaborations and AI: Navigating the Future of Investigative JournalismPresentations by:
Jennifer LaFleur
Brant Houston; Emilia Diaz-Struck; Jennifer LaFleur; Boyoung Lim; Piyush Aggarwal; Mohammed Haddad; Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
Joining Tables with Structured Query Language (SQL)DataHelena Bengtsson; Liz Lucas
Overview of Coding: Basic PrinciplesDataChristopher Guess; Helena Bengtsson
Overview of Scraping (1): Basic Principles Using PythonDataNils Mulvad; Tommy Kaas
Introduction to Excel SpreadsheetsDataAnuška Delić; John Bones
Intro to Database Managers: Using DB BrowserDataHelena Bengtsson; Liz Lucas
Data-Driven Journalism: A Review of Recent StoriesDataBrant Houston; Jennifer LaFleur
Finding Corporate Data for Global StoriesDataPresentations by:
Karrie Kehoe
Christopher Guess; Karrie Kehoe; Karina Shedrofsky
Introduction to Scraping Websites Using Data MinerDataOn the Ethics of Web Scraping and Data JournalismDigging Up Hidden Data with the Web InspectorPinar Dag
Introduction to DatawrapperDataPresentation by:
Anuška Delić & Robert Gebeloff
Anuška Delić; Robert Gebeloff
The Power of R: Overview and First Steps DataRobert Gebeloff; Luuk Sengers
Basic Principles for Mapping Data Using QGISDataKuek Ser Kuang Keng; Andrew Lehren
Using Pivot Tables in Excel to Summarize DataDataNils Mulvad; John Bones
Joining Tables with Structured Query Language in Database ManagersDataHelena Bengtsson; Liz Lucas
Using Formulas and Data Transformation in SpreadsheetsDataLiz Lucas
The Basics of Using RDataRobert Gebeloff; Luuk Sengers
When the Data Aren’t There: Building Your Own DatasetsDataPresentationHelena Bengtsson; Jennifer LaFleur
The Number: Math You Need as a JournalistDataThree “Musts” for Today’s Investigative JournalistDavid Cay Johnston
Overview of Scraping (2): Intermediate Principles Using PythonDataNils Mulvad; Tommy Kaas
Using Flourish for Data VisualizationsDataData Journalism#GIJC21 – Data Visualization with Flourish – YouTubePresentationPinar Dag
Exiled Media: Survival StrategiesDemocracyPresentations by:
Joseph Poliszuk
Polina Machold
Tasneem Khalil
Olga Simanovych; Joseph Poliszuk; Polina Machold; Tasneem Khalil
Exiled Media: An Investigative ToolkitDemocracyPresentations by:
Charlotte Alfred
Carlos Dada; Charlotte Alfred; Mahtab Divsalar; Mohammad Bassiki
Investigating ElectionsDemocracyGuide on Investigating ElectionsPresentations by:
Juliana dal Piva
John-Allan Namu; Carole Cadwalladr; Juliana dal Piva; Priyanjana Bengani
Investigations to Save DemocracyDemocracyWhy Investigative Reporters Should Look for the ‘Termites’ Eroding DemocracyVinod Jose; Lina Attalah; Sheila Coronel; Edwy Plenel
Criminal States & KleptocraciesDemocracyGuides on Organized CrimePresentations by:
Peniley Ramirez
David E. Kaplan; Drew Sullivan; Maria Pevchikh; Peniley Ramirez
Tracking Political ExtremismDemocracyPresentations by:

David Baas
Michael Colborne
Hannah Gais
Juliana dal Piva; David Baas; Michael Colborne; Hannah Gais
Investigating Environmental CrimeEnvironmentPresentations by:
Caroline Henshaw
Lara Bitar
Madeleine Ngeunga
Khadija Sharife; Madeleine Ngeunga; Lara Bitar; Caroline Henshaw
GIJN’s Climate Change WorkshopEnvironmentTipsheets:

Dharshan Wignarajah
Cecile Marchand
Matthew Green
Amy Westervelt

Jim Footner
Cecile Marchand
Matthew Green
Madeleine Ngeunga
Sunita Narain
Leo Hickman

Gustavo Faleiros and Jelter Meers

Damian Carrington

Peter Prengaman

Hongqiao Liu

Maria Isabel Torres

Shamsuddin Illius and Rafiqul Montu

Andrés Bermúdez Liévano

Amy Westervelt
Climate: Holding Government & Industry AccountableEnvironmentGIJN’s Climate Resource Guides: on Methane, Sea Level Rise, and the Climate CrisisPresentations by:
Amy Westervelt
Damian Carrington
Leo Hickman
Mark Schapiro
Mark Schapiro; Deborah Nelson; Leo Hickman; Amy Westervelt; Damian Carrington
Investigations into Natural Resources EnvironmentGIJN’s Climate Resource Guides: on Methane, Sea Level Rise, and the Climate CrisisPresentations by:
Andres Bermudez-Lievano
Dianne Hawker
Joseph Poliszuk
Andres Bermudez-Lievano; Joseph Poliszuk; Dianne Hawker; Maxime Domegni
Climate: Investigating CausesEnvironmentGIJN’s Climate Resource Guides: on Methane, Sea Level Rise, and the Climate CrisisPresentations by:
Emilio Godoy
Elisangela Mendonça; Emilio Godoy; Gustavo Faleiros; Rhett Ayes Butler
Natural and Human Disaster InvestigationsEnvironmentGIJN’s Climate Resource Guides: on Methane, Sea Level Rise, and the Climate CrisisPresentations by:
Esra Yalçınalp
Paisley Dodds
Roberto Perez-Rocha; Esra Yalçınalp; Paisley Dodds; Iris Yang
Climate: Investigating Impacts EnvironmentGIJN’s Climate Resource Guides: on Methane, Sea Level Rise, and the Climate CrisisPresentations by:

Ryan McNeill
Fredrick Mugira;
Shamsuddin Illius
Ryan McNeill; Fredrick Mugira; Shamsuddin Illius
Open Source Reporting — Let’s Get Personal GeneralHenk van Ess
Investigating Indigenous Issues: A RoundtableGeneralResources on Reporting on Indigenous PeoplePresenations by:
Vanessa Teteye Mendoza
Bryan Pollard; Tristan Ahtone; Francine Compton; Dev Kumar Sunuwar; Brittany Guyot; Maria Saijets; Vanessa Teteye Mendoza
All an Investigative Reporter Needs to Know about Toxic NarrativesGeneralPresentations by:
Annelie Frank & Andreas Önnerfors
Lifaqane Nare
Annelie Frank; Andreas Önnerfors; Lifaqane Nare
Visual Investigations: Reporting TechniquesGeneralPresentation

Malachy Browne; Meg Kelly; Yousur Al-Hlou
Best Investigations on Russia’s War on UkraineGeneralInvestigating RussiaPresentations by:
Masha Froliak

Tipsheet by Anna Myroniuk
Masha Froliak
Vivienne Walt; Masha Froliak; Valeriya Yegoshyna; Anna Myroniuk
Crowd-Driven Journalism: Using Communities to InvestigateGeneralPresentations by:
Marcela Turati
Marcela Turati; Rozina Breen; Aidila Razak; Julia Hildebrand; Priyanka Raval
Rewriting History: Investigations that Change Our Understanding of the PastGeneralPresentations by:
Kunda Dixit
Kunda Dixit; Catherine Porter; Jose Maria Irujo
How to Use Satellite Images for InvestigationGeneralPresentations by:
Reade Levinson

Benjamin Strick & Reade Levinson
Benjamin Strick; Reade Levinson
Investigating Food & AgricultureGeneralPresentations by:
Mark Schapiro
Philip Jacobson
Rahma Al Behi
Mark Schapiro; Philip Jacobson; Rahma Al Behi
How to Recruit Secret SourcesGeneralDDoSecrets TipsheetUlla Satereie; Axel Gordh Humlesjö; Bastian Obermayer
Cross-Border Reporting: The Next StepsGeneralPresentations by:
Laurent Richard
Wahyu Dhyatmika

Miranda Patrucic; Emilia Diaz-Struck; Wahyu Dhyatmika; Laurent Richard; Frederik Obermaier; Margo Smit
Resources for Investigating the USGeneralMartha Mendoza
Prize Winners: Global Shining Light Award RecipientsGeneralCarlos Eduardo Huertas
Masterclass: Mobile JournalismGeneralVideo for Small NewsroomsRobb Montgomery; Ayoub Toumi
Investigative Editing: Best PracticesGeneralPresentations by:
Alejandra Xanic
Drew Sullivan
Drew Sullivan; Vinod Jose; Ron Nixon; Alejandra Xanic; Rachel Oldroyd
FOIA/RTI InvestigationsGeneralThe Global Guide to FOIA and RTIPresentations by:
Amanda Hickman
Luiz Fernando Toledo
Mats Amnell
Myungju Lee
Mats Amnell; Amanda Hickman; Luiz Fernando Toledo; Myungju Lee; Miraj Chowdhury
Lightning Round: Great Stories You’ve Never Heard OfGeneralPresentations by:
Alexandre Brutelle
Gaston Sawadogo
Håkon Fostervold Høydal
Inna Gadzynska
Jessica Stolzmann
Milagros Salazar

Gaston Sawadogo
Minna Knus-Galan; Håkon Fostervold Høydal; Milagros Salazar; Inna Gadzynska; Dayo Aiyetan; Mustafa Khalili; Alexandre Brutelle; Apostolis Fotiadis; Feng Zhaoyin;
Gaston Sawadogo
Jessica Stolzmann
Paul Myers on Images for InvestigationsGeneralPresentationPaul Myers
Special Interest Media and How To Get Stories SpreadGeneral
Presentations by:
Blessing Oladunjoye
Johan Sjöholm

Blessing Oladunjoye
Johan Sjöholm; Anneli Megner Arn; Blessing Oladunjoye
Video Show & TellGeneralVideo for Small NewsroomsNils Hanson
Paul Myers on Finding & Investigating PeopleGeneralPaul Myers
Resources for Investigating RussiaGeneralInvestigating RussiaReporting Russia from the Outside — From Investigating Ukraine to AI-Powered AnalysisRoman Anin; Marc Perkins; Maria Pevchikh
Indigenous InvestigationsGeneralResources on Reporting on Indigenous PeopleBrittany Guyot; Tristan Ahtone; Graham Lee Brewer; Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien; Moana Maniapoto
Masterclass: Investigative PhotojournalismGeneralRon Haviv
Getting People to TalkGeneralJessica Ziegerer; Åsa Erlandsson
Undercover InvestigationsGeneralUndercover Reporting GuidePresentations by:
Naipanoi Lepapa
Mamdouh Akbiek
Diana Cariboni

Diana Cariboni
Naipanoi Lepapa; Mamdouh Akbiek; Diana Cariboni
Working With Citizen InvestigatorsGeneralGetting Started in Investigative JournalismSEEK PresentationDavid Schraven; Aisha Dabo; César Vega; Maria Fernanda Cruz; George Katz
40 Years of Cross-Border Muckraking: Where It All BeganGeneralDavid E. Kaplan; Nils Mulvad; Brant Houston; Mark Schapiro; Maria Teresa Ronderos; Sheila Coronel
Presenting Investigations In Innovative WaysGeneral
Presentations by:
Michael Verdicchio
& Anna Jaktén

Sven Bergman; Erik Palm; Michael Verdicchio; Anna Jaktén; Anna Bergenström
Podcasts: Producing the Investigative PodcastGeneralPresentation:
Citra Prastuti
Citra Prastuti; Jose Roberto de Toledo; Susanne Reber
Health Care InvestigationsGeneral
Presentations by:
Stéphane Horel
Fabiola Torres
Jesmin Papri

Tipsheet by:
Jesmi Papri
Stéphane Horel; Fabiola Torres; Jesmin Papri; Madlen Davies
Migration & Human TraffickingGeneralGIJN’s Human Trafficking ResourcesPresentations by:
Pari Saikia
Sally Hayden Paavo Teittinen; Jack Sapoch; Pari Saikia
Tracking Waste & Used GoodsGeneralPresentations by:
Anuška Delić

Kennia Velazquez
Anuška Delić; Minna Knus-Galan; Joachim Dyfvermark; Kennia Velazquez
State of the Art Research TechniquesGeneralSyed Nazakat; Karina Shedrofsky; Jelena Cosic; Ude Albrecht
Investigating Sports – Why and HowGeneralPresentations by:
Emelie Rosén
Jeppe Laursen
Olof Lundhdi
Emelie Rosén; Annelie Frank; Olof Lundh; Jeppe Laursen
Lightning Round: Favorite Tools & TechniquesGeneral
Presentations by:
Thanasis Troboukis
Yevheniia Drozdova
Mohamed Zidan; Alexander Abdelilah; Thanasis Troboukis; Manuel Daubenberger; Sanne Breimer; Delphine Reuter; Yevheniia Drozdova
Investigating Children’s IssuesGeneralPresentations by:
Martha Mendoza

Tipsheet by:
Almudena Toral
Almudena Toral; Irene Caselli;
Martha Mendoza
Mariko Tsuji
Plane and Ship TrackingGeneralGIJN Database to Track Ships at Sea, GIJN’s Updated Planespotting Guide, Tracking Ships at Sea, How They Did It: Tracking Phosphate Smuggling From Syria Into EuropePresentations by:
Bashar Deeb
Emmanuel Freudenthal
Emmanuel Freudenthal; Bashar Deeb
Resources for Investigating ChinaGeneralYing Chan; Alison Killing; Hui (Lulu) Ning; Liu Min
Putin’s Shadow WarGeneralInvestigating RussiaPresentationAli Fegan; Axel Gordh Humlesjö; Lisbeth Quass; Maria Georgieva; Niels Fastrup
Pandemics: Past & FutureGeneralHealth & MedicinePresentations by:
Deborah Nelson
Fabiola Torres
Katherine Eban
Peter Doshi
Katherine Eban; Deborah Nelson; Fabiola Torres; Peter Doshi
Documentaries: Breaking InGeneralVideo for Small NewsroomsPresentation

Sky Dylan-Robbins
Marc Perkins; John-Allan Namu; Phil Rees; Sky Dylan-Robbins
Help in EmergenciesSafety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityTipsheetJantine van Herwijnen; Mira Milosevic; Lucy Westcott; Elisabet Cantenys
Physical Security: Essential Tips for ProtectionSafety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityDrew Sullivan; Stevan Dojčinović
Security: Source Protection & JSATSafety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityPresentations by:
Harlo Holmes
Jake Charles Rees
Matt Hansen
Marcela Turati; Jake Charles Rees; Harlo Holmes; Matt Hansen
Coping with Stress, Trauma, & Burnout (for Managers)Safety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityPresentation by:
Kate Porterfield
Kate Porterfield
Fighting Back Against SLAPPs & Other Legal ThreatsSafety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityPresentations:
Alexander Papachristou
Bea Bodrogi
Kunda Dixit; Alexander Papachristou; Bea Bodrogi; Carlos Gaio
Coping with Stress, Trauma, & Burnout: A WorkshopSafety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityBruce Shapiro; Kate Porterfield
Dealing with Online HarassmentSafety & SecurityGIJN’s Resources on Safety & SecurityInga Springe; Kennia Velazquez; Melanie Walker
Don’t Get Stuck in Side Tracks – Get a PlanSustainabilityResources on SustainabilityJessica Ziegerer; Emma Johansson; Sofia Hultqvist
Developing a Business Strategy (Part 1)SustainabilityResources on SustainabilityPresentations by:
Yasmin Namini
Andras Petho; Bilal Randeree; Gina Chua; Yasmin Namini
Freelancing Survival TipsSustainabilityResources on SustainabilitySylke Gruhnwald; Mais Katt; Naipanoi Lepapa
Donor/Grantee RoundtableSustainabilityResources on SustainabilityIdes Debruyne; Anuška Delić; Bridget Gallagher; Lina Ejeilat; Liz Baker; Amina A. Salihu; Maria Teresa Ronderos; Alinda Vermeer
Developing a Business Strategy (Part 2)SustainabilityResources on SustainabilityYasmin Namini
Fundraising: ProspectingSustainabilityResources on SustainabilityPresentations by:
Bridget Gallagher
Bridget Gallagher; Karen Martin; Michael Randall
Fundraising: The Craft of Proposal Writing SustainabilityResources on SustainabilityPresentations

Tipsheet by Karen Martin
Bridget Gallagher; Karen Martin; Michael Randall
Measuring ImpactSustainabilityResources on SustainabilityPresentations by:
Miriam Wells
Rosemary D’Amour
Wahyu Dhyatmika

Rosemary D’Amour
Anya Schiffrin; Wahyu Dhyatmika; Miriam Wells; Rosemary D’Amour
How to Spread Watchdog Journalism in Tough PlacesSustainabilityNew Video Series Examines Best Practices for Making Investigative Journalism SustainableAmina A. Salihu; Courtney Radsch; Hasibur Rahman
How Mainstream Media Profit from Investigative Journalism on Digital PlatformsSustainabilityFreelancing: Platforms That Earn Income for WritersKersti Forsberg; Christofer Ahlqvist; Idris Akinbajo
CryptocurrencyTechOther Sources of Income: Blockchain and CryptocurrencyInvestigative Tips for Following the Cryptocurrency Trail Tracking Illegal Funding Campaigns via Cryptocurrency Questions Every Journalist Should Ask When Covering CryptocurrenciesPresentation by:
Federico Paesano
Paul Radu; Federico Paesano
Masterclass: Digging into Digital Advertising TechCommercial Revenue: AdvertisingA Secret Weapon for Media Independence: Paying for SubscribersPresentationCraig Silverman
Facing AI, Big Tech, & What’s Ahead: How to Futureproof the Global Investigative Journalism MovementTechThe Story of InterNation: The World’s First (Maybe) Investigative Journalism Network Is It Really Investigative Reporting’s Golden Age?5 Journalism Tips from Edwy PlenelAnya Schiffrin; Paul Radu; Courtney Radsch
Digital Threats: A Cyber Investigations ToolkitTechGuide to Investigating Digital Threats: IntroductionTips to Uncover the Spy Tech Your Government BuysPresentation:
Luis Assardo
Craig Silverman; Luis Assardo; Andrea Arzaba; Jane Lytvynenko
Investigating Social Media: Telegram, Twitter, & WhatsappTechTips for Optimizing Google Search in Investigations, from Online Expert Henk van EssExperts Discuss Investigating Social Media Companies Like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok Social Search Techniques Using TikTok and Telegram, from Henk van EssPresentation by:
Luis Assardo

Tipsheet by Jane Lytvynenko
Tipsheet on Telegram
Dinesh Balliah; Luis Assardo; Jane Lytvynenko; Priyanjana Bengani
Working with HackersTechDigital Self-Defense for Journalists: An IntroductionCan Governments Really Hack Your Webcam? Data at Risk: How To Protect Your Sources and Your WorkPresentations by:
Jan Strozyk
Lorax Horne
Alena Prykhodzka
Jan Strozyk; Lorax Horne; Alena Prykhodzka
GIJN Women NetworkingWomenNetworks For Women Journalists9 Leadership Tips for Women in Investigative Journalism
Investigating FemicideWomenInvestigating Femicide: A GIJN GuidePresentations by:
Janine Louloudi
Laura Grant
Thanasis Troboukis

Tipsheet: Thanasis Troboukis
Nikolia Apostolou; Thanasis Troboukis; Fabiola Torres; Janine Louloudi; Laura Grant
Women in Investigative Journalism: Strategies for Thriving TogetherWomenSpotlight on Women in Investigative Journalism Women Investigative Journalists on Work and Life A New Resource for Women Journalists GIJN Guide: Resources for Women-Identifying JournalistsTips from Women Investigators Investigative Stories that Can Be Replicated Around the WorldPresentation by:
Gabi Manuli
Emilia Diaz-Struck; Jessica Ziegerer; Purity Mukami; Gina Chua; Hui (Lulu) Ning; Kamilla Marton; Zahra Nader; Sarah El Deeb; Oksana Brovko
Data Lightning TalksPresentations by:
Eric Barrett
Claudia Baez
Pauliina Siniauer
Mago Torres
Eva Constantaras
Luiz Fernando Toledo
Daiva Repeckaite
Piyush Aggarwal
Lam Thuy Vo
Brant Houston; Jennifer LaFleur; Eric Barrett; Claudia Baez; Pauliina Siniauer; Lam Thuy Vo; Mago Torres; Luiz Fernando Toledo; Eva Constantaras; Daiva Repeckaite; Piyush Aggarwal
AI as a Tool for InvestigationsPresentations by:
Inas Hamdan
Inas Hamdan; Jelena Cosic; Joseph Poliszuk; Hans Petersson Hammer
Investigating AsiaPresentations by:
Citra Prastuti
Sherry Lee
Andrea Ho; Sherry Lee; Citra Prastuti; Alison Killing

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