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Adenike Aloba

Adenike Aloba is the Program Director and immediate past Managing Editor at Dataphyte, where she plays a pivotal role in guiding program direction and steering team dynamics. She ensures seamless program implementation, oversees impactful product development, and aligns editorial operations with strategic goals. Adenike’s career has been defined by her contributions at the crossroads of media, technology and development, adeptly addressing contemporary challenges facing media practice and the media’s role in driving development. Through digital innovation and strategic media approaches, she has consistently driven impact with expertise spanning areas such as Data/Tech for Development, Press Freedom, Gender Equality, and more. Adenike combines her expertise in digital innovation and media strategies to create impactful solutions focusing on contemporary and culturally conscious media products. Her track record reflects her commitment to leveraging technology for social impact and advancing media practices that align with the evolving needs of the digital age. Before joining Dataphyte, she was a Program Manager with the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (now the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development)