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La Contratopedia Caribe
Tatiana Velásquez Archibold is co-founder and reporter for La Contratopedia Caribe. A graduate of Autonomous University of the Caribbean in Barranquilla, Colombia, she has a master's degree in Investigative Journalism, Data and Visualization from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain. She has worked in Colombia for El Heraldo, El Tiempo, and La Silla Vacía, and has published articles in El Espectador, El Confidencial (Spain), Vice Latin America, and ColombiaCheck. She has done content management for the Gabo Foundation, served as a professor at Sergio Arboleda University in Santa Marta, and worked as a full-time professor in the Social Communication program at the Bolívar Technological University in Cartagena. She is co-author of the guide 'Clues to Investigate the Routes of Corruption', published in 2022, with the support of KAS.